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Charitable Aims
BDTS Consultancy is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee. It has no shareholders and, therefore, pays no dividends. Any trading surplus is used to forward its philanthropic, charitable aims. We regard our work to be a social enterprise.
The Company’s charitable aims include providing assistance & representation to the community, in the following areas:
  • ·         Employment Law
  • ·         Welfare Benefits
  • ·         Custodial  Support
  •           Assisting Litigants-in-Person (McKenzie Friend)
  •           Access to a 'Litigation Friend'.
  •           Certain Interviews under caution
(Pursuant to Articles 5&6 of the European Convention of Human Rights)
and to provide consultation & assessment in:
  • ·         Health & Safety
  • ·         First Aid
  • ·         Maritime Medical Aid
  • ·         Trainer Training
  •           Forensic Imaging
BDTS Consultancy Ltd. may make such provision directly to individuals or indirectly by supplying services to other providers.
The Company will, whenever possible, seek to make direct provision free of charge in a pro bono arrangement, or failing that at the lowest practical cost. Charges to other service providers will be at the lowest practical cost or free of charge where appropriate.
We intend that our services shall be in accordance with both the 'spirit' and the 'letter' of the Equality Act 2010 and of the Equality and Human Rights Commission's (EHRC) codes of practice.
We may operate a ‘Positive Action’ policy with regard to the unwaged or those on low incomes who are, thereby, under represented or otherwise disadvantaged.
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